About Me

As a sensitive and curious little girl, I was always confused about the dysfunction around me (and within me). After years of searching for the answers, I’ve found that we’ll never really be able to definitively explain away the dysfunction, but we’ll have a hell of a time trying. I’ve found solace in religion, television, books, philosophy, and psychology. Kyra Thoughts is the culmination of all the things I’ve gathered from those explorations, as well as my own experiences trying to live out those ideas.

My goals are to become a psychiatrist (received my B.S. from UCSD in Social Psychology and World Literature; currently studying for the MCAT) and reform our system of the updated lobotomy (over-prescription of medication; no talk therapy) by bringing the humanities to patients in order to re-humanize them, write a book on that endeavor, write a show for HBO, and have a loving, healthy (as it can get) family with (God willing) four kids. This blog serves to bring forth and support all of those things. Now that it’s on the internet, if that vision board, manifestation stuff doesn’t work, then at the very least it will be pretty embarrassing if I don’t do at least one or all of those things, so I better get to it…

“Man has had to fight for every atom of the truth, and has had to pay for it almost everything that the heart, that human love, that human trust cling to.  Greatness of soul is needed for this business: the service of truth is the hardest of all services.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche
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